Programs Available


Transitional Employment

Job placements are arranged in the community and supported by The Meeting Place Clubhouse. Supports include job specific training, free absentee coverage, and job coaches. Positions are part time and entry level. Employees rotate every 6-9 months and The Meeting Place provides training for new employees.

Currently The Meeting Place Clubhouse partners with the following businesses to provide Transitional Employment Placements:

  • HomeGoods
  • Papa John's
  • TJ Maxx

Supported Employment

Employees are supported by the employment specialists who provide a tailored package of assistance. A feature of supported employment may include on-the-job support. Employment staff are covered under their own insurance and liability

Seasonal/Temporary Emloyment

Employers often have time limited tasks and need short term employees. It is possible to find employees willing to accept temporary work to meet the specific needs of the employer. A job coach can bring a single individual or a small group out to complete most entry level projects.