The vocational component of The Meeting Place assists members in preparing for, securing and retaining employment. The first step is accomplished through participation in the Clubhouse units, which increases stamina, self-confidence, problem solving skills, and the ability to interact and work cooperatively with a variety of individuals.

Whether you´re entering the workforce for the first time, or re-entering after a long absence, the Clubhouse offers a variety of options designed to assist you with this important transition. Members may return to work through transitional, supported, or independent employment.

oscar at workExamples of support provided to our members are:

  • Resume preparation
  • Interview training
  • Assistance with individualized job searches
  • Employment workshops
  • Job development
  • Job placement services
  • On-the-job training and supports
  • Ongoing follow-up


Transitional Employment:

Job Placements are arranged in the community and supported by The Meeting Place. Supports include job specific training, free absentee coverage, and job coaches. Positions are part-time and entry level. Employees rotate every 6 to 9 months and The Meeting Place provides training for new employees.

Supported Employment:

The Clubhouse helps the member obtain a job in the community and provides the support necessary to maintain the position. A feature of supported employment may include on-the-job support. In addition, the job does not have built-in time limits and members must go through the regular application and interview process.

Independent Employment:

The member obtains a job in the community without much or any assistance from the Clubhouse. Support is provided to assist the member in sustaining or upgrading this employment.


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